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Diddle Dee

Release Date 7th December 2018: No Reviews Yet

Girl on a Boat

I really liked it
This book started off slowly. It tells the story of Rosie a young woman facing a crossroads in her life following a personal tragedy. 
After a series of events and some mental health issues, Rosie leaves her career and starts on a new adventure. She is reunited with Pasha a sailing boat from her youth and spends time getting her seaworthy again
Rosie then desires to set sail and this is where the adventure begins. All is not as it seems and it is not until the final chapter of the book that it all falls into place
I enjoyed reading Girl On A Boat, especially once the momentum kicked in and Rosie faced and dealt with quite a few challenges.
Jacqui - Goodreads on 5 February 2019


It was okay

I wanted to like the main character in this book, Rosie the girl on the boat. But ... she sets sail solo with a serious medical/mental health condition which strikes her comatose at any random moment, she is traveling alone but hooks up with randoms for sex, she arrives in a muslim country with no knowledge of their customs and she goes off with strangers into remote settings. The more I read, the more I disliked her.

The author, Mike Rothery, uses the pen-name Amanda Wheelhouse to write this women's book. I feel that Rothery doesn't write with a convincing female voice. Rosie's conversations with other naval personnel didn't ring true to my ears. And, somewhat disturbingly, i found the first sexual encounter tainted by voyerism (who more than once describes getting dressed right from bra and panties when it plays no significant part in the book? And how many times is too many times to use the word "panties"?) Thankfully this writing style doesn't continue right through the book, but it had already tainted my reading enjoyment.

For these reasons, i skipped a chunk of this book (Part three and most of part 4) only reading the last few chapters to have revealed the secret which lurks behind the whole book. Unfortunately, i was left feeling it wasn't worth it.

Why a #2 rating rather than #1? Because of fhe convincing lurking secret undertow in this book.

Deb - Goodreads on 7 February 2019


Wish it could have been me doing this trip

This is another first class novel good story, ups and downs as in life. I know Mike and class him as a friend from the RN and later the RNR, I would like to meet him again just to share a drink and pass on my thanks for his great story telling. Thanks friend and buddy.

By George on 6 October 2018


Review for Girl on a Boat
A real page turner with a twist you really didn't see coming...although it felt a bit rushed at the end, I really enjoyed this book.

By Amazon Customer on 8 October 2018


Coudnt put it down
Great read from start to finish

By Robert Downie on 23 September 2018

The Incomer: A caribbean odyssey

Mike Rothery's Best Yet

I have read and enjoyed all of Mike Rothery's books and was keen to read this one as soon as it came out. I had expected a continuation of the story from the first two books but this one is different (and better). It starts off in a similar style to his first two books but about 1/3 way though it changes direction and morphs into a cross between Rothery/Tolkien/Pratchett as the main character sails into a strange and interesting world. Mike has managed to create a whole new world in this book, with strange creatures that have mystical powers. It is a great story of how an ordinary man is thrown into a world he does not understand and tries to adapt and decide if he wants to get back home. With lots of action on the way. Mike Rothery's best book yet in my opinion. If you like Rothery, Tolkien or Pratchett I recommend you read it.

By RogerB on 14 Feb. 2016


Excellent story well deserved of it's 5 stars

What a read! I like sea/sailing stories and especially those written along the lines of a thriller. The Incomer is more fantasy and perhaps not to everyone's taste but it kept me awake half the night reading it. It ends in such a way that leaves you eager for the follow up.

By David on 5th Feb. 2016


Thoroughly enjoyed it

Great storytelling beautifully written. The characters and settings jumped out of the page. Fantasy and nautical lovers alike will love this book. Highly recommended.

By Heidi Sampson on 12 Jan. 2016


Mike Rothery, a successor to the writers of the late 19th century?

What a cracking read, I normally stick to thrillers, but thoroughly enjoyed this fantasy with it's twists and turns in both the Overworld, (our world), or the almost Utopian land of Mondeguinee, where everything seems to work by thought transference, even down to the power free illuminations, or the translation of different languages. Is it once more the story telling of Jules Verne brought into the 21st century by this modern day sailor, who uses his maritime knowledge to add to the authenticity. Could Mike Rothery be writing of a world 1 or 200 years hence, I'm certainly not going to say it will never happen.

By Sailor on 20 Jan. 2016


A Real Page-turner
This was really good reading, a real page turner. There were some really good twists along the way that kept me gasping in surprise as well. Brilliant story. The only criticism I'd have is that there is a lot of technical yachting terminology, but as a non yachting layperson I could figure out what much of it meant by the context
By Jackie on 21 Mar. 2015


I Really Enjoyed the Book
I really enjoyed this book, it had some good twists and changes of direction I did not expect. It is a great yarn and builds upon the characters from the first book Return to Africa. I would highly recommend it to others to read and you also get to learn a whole new set of boating terms
By Gary M on 22 Jan. 2016

Well Worth the Read
Thoroughly enjoyed this sequel. You really get a feel for the characters. Full of suspense and keeps you wanting to read more. Couldn't put it down. I hope there is more to come. Well worth the read. Will definitely recommend.
By Amazon Customer on 29 Mar. 2015

Return to Africa

A right rollicking roller-coaster ride of a thriller!

If you like good old fashioned adventure stories, especially those with a nautical theme, then you will absolutely love this. Good characterizations, and fast-paced action sequences keep the story moving at a fine pace. 5 stars! Absolute winner of a debut novel Can't wait for the next one.
By Spencer on 3 February 2015


A Wonderfully Crafted Story
This story had more twists and turns than I knew what to do with, and yet I never got lost, and I certainly never lost interest. I was fascinated by Redman as soon as we were introduced to him, and his character never stopped growing deeper and more believable as the story progressed. There were a few moments when Rothery clearly backed off on a scene or a character, as though not quite sure where to go any further with a certain idea or storyline, but this was few and far between. Generally, the story seemed like the work of a master literary draftsman. The duality of the worlds between rigid naval authority and casual danger and anarchy of East Africa was a wild dichotomy to track through, putting yourself in a different world where your rules meant nothing. I don't know how much of what Rothery wrote about was directly pulled from his own experiences, but it all had a frightening ring of truth, or at least recognition - this wasn't far from what could happen in certain dark corners of the world. The writing was exceptional and the adventure we were taken on as readers was unforgettable. Rothery has a real hit!
By John J. Staughton on 29 January 2015


You can certainly tell that this author has had his fair share of years at sea; it permeates every line he writes and setting he envisions. I've always been impressed by authors who can commandeer experience and make it seem as though they've been there and done that, but there is always something more powerful about the truth, and Rothery has that in spades. The story itself is fascinating, but the detail-oriented nature of the writing makes it read more like an autobiography than a fictional story. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the author drew heavily on his own experiences for this, as the tension, suspense, and emotions of the characters seem visceral, almost too well-written to not be torn from real life. And what a story it was! The duality of the strict naval responsibility with the wild and anarchic setting on Mombasa made for a stark contrast in the reading experience that truly highlighted not only how different those worlds were, but how dangerous it was to cross over. Rothery does a spectacular job painting vivid, suspenseful, and honest pictures of East Africa at that time, and manages to create a wonderfully engaging and enthralling book along the way. An impressive debut novel - I hope to see more in the future.
By Veritas Vincit on 29 January 2015


Good Story
I recently read Return to Africa by Mike Rothery, and found it to be a very well written and interesting story. The character are well developed and believable, no one is larger than life. This is an adventure story about the high seas, and I found that after reading the author’s, he has put his life experience to use in the details that are throughout the book. I found the story to be very interesting and compelling and that the characters were well developed and not to over the top. I am looking to reading more in the future from the author.
By Mother of 4 on 6 January 2015


Excellent Debut Novel
Mike Rothery’s first novel is a tale of the adventures and dangers of life on the high seas. 1981, the British destroyer HMS Preston puts in East Africa after three long months at sea. But,the visit goes south when a SCUBA expedition goes wrong. Return to Africa follows Petty Officer Pat Redman from the stormy and frightening seas to a courtroom in Nairobi and the equally frightening conditions of the prisons of that country. From abduction to murder to romance, this epic novel has it all, as Officer Redman finds himself thrown into an uncharted world of corruption and violence where his Navel training serves him little when it comes to having to find a way to save his friends. Rothery’s characters are complex and relatable, and his prose is exciting, with vivid descriptions of the East African settings and locales. The action is relentless and kept me turing the pages. Highly recommended. I’ll definitely look for more from this author in the future.
By horrorgirldonna on 26 December 2014


'We're shark meat, mate'
New British author Mike Rothery debuts his novel Return to Africa, a novel about the wild life and adventures and dangers of life at sea with the solid background of having served twenty-five years in the Royal Navy. His obsession with the sea and with foreign destinations gave birth to this novel and after reading it most readers will place hopes on other to follow. Rothery relies on his naval experience not only for the military aspects of his tale and the functions of ships and boats and their relationship to the sea, but he also brings in a surly amount of sailor conversation, heavy on the raw side, a factor that makes his relating of his story have a genuine and intriguing and at times hilarious twist. It is that mixture of the light with romance with the danger that makes his writing come to life from the first page onward., Rothery's literary energy plows ahead in a manner that pulls the reader in all the way. A very fine beginning for a debut author! 
By Grady Harp on 14 December 2014


Four Stars
True pusser's language.
By beepee on 10 October 2014


Enjoyable Read
I really enjoyed reading "Return to Africa". Once I started reading this book I wanted to know what would happen next and could not put this book down.
By Miss Jacqueline D Hugo on 9 October 2014


An adventure story with compelling characters
A well-written, exciting and compelling first novel. The author makes good use of his own nautical knowledge to add authenticity to the story, however, this book is a thriller that will appeal to wider audiences. The characters are engaging and believable, particularly the main protagonist, who seeks personal redemption and pulls himself back up from rock bottom to heroically aid his friends. The 1980's East African setting is described in great detail, both the physical settings and the local institutions. The action during the second half of the story is near non-stop and kept me reading from page to page. I would highly recommend this novel and I hope to see more from this author in the future.
By Mark Lynch on 8 October 2014


Black Cats and Matelots, Like Chalk and Cheese
Knowing Mike as I do from a long time ago as we were both in the RN. I couldn`t expect anything less than a terrific story as this is. It took a bit of time to read, but what a read. Keep sailing, Fair winds guide you and your life. Now I'm going to get the follow up.
By George on 26 October 2015

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