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First Reader Reviews:

Gayle says: "Thoroughly enjoyed The Waiting Pool. Read in a weekend as couldn't put it down ! Full of suspense and action and had me chuckling in parts too. I hope there are more of these to come. Well worth a read"

Jackie says: "This was really good reading, a real page turner. There were some really good twists along the way that kept me gasping in surprise as well. Brilliant story."

Patrick and Stella's bright Caribbean idyll is suddenly shattered when they discover the bodies of an American couple and come face to face with their killers. 


A rollicking tale of murder, piracy and drug trafficking amid the turmoil of revolution and the US invasion of Grenada.

INTERVENTION is a heady mix of brutality, beauty and romance, flavoured with a good sprinkling of sea salt.

Extract from Chapter One

He scanned the empty sky, and then dropped his gaze to the horizon. And saw it: a puff of white smoke, hanging motionless in the still morning air. 

A ship? 

His mind soared with renewed hope. 

Then a distant boom, followed by a faint metallic scraping sound, rising in pitch and fading. Before the strange noise had faded away entirely the sequence repeated; a second puff of smoke, boom, scraping sound, now fading. And again, now three puffs of smoke. 

‘Patrick, me old mate,’ he murmured, ‘if we’re not mistaken, that’s…’ 

With shocking suddenness the air was filled with a blast of sound like an approaching express train, and Patrick threw himself flat, clasping his hands over the back of his head.

IT'S HERE folks, my new novel!


A naked young man turns up in Haiti, claiming to have set sail from England with his parents… two centuries ago! For psychologist Dani Corby, it’s a straightforward case of Paranoid Disorder. But her professional judgement is challenged when, under hypnosis, his extraordinary tale comes to light; a vivid account of escape from his pirate captors into a terrifying world of myth and magic. The enigma deepens when a strange old woman hounds Dani with dire prophesies about her patient, and when the young man falls to a mysterious illness, she sets out on a dangerous, career-blowing mission to save his life.

I must warn readers that this story will keep you turning pages far into the night, and its paradoxical conclusion will have you thinking long after you’ve closed the book.

Bicentenary, by Mike Rothery, is available now on Amazon, in paperback and Kindle editions. UK readers can buy it at at the pre-order price of £2.99 until 16th June, with equivalent deals for overseas customers.

Thank you for your continued support, and I look forward to reading your Amazon review of Bicentenary.

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My voyage around the world

In July 2015 I went to Greece to move onto my yacht, Island Spirit with the intention of sailing around the world while continuing to write novels. Here you can catch up with the story so far…

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