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Charlie Barley has hidden himself away in a quiet Caribbean backwater, where the austere and simple lifestyle seems idyllic. But the sleepy indolence of island life soon begins to wear thin, and when out of the blue an old sea gipsy invites him to come sailing Charlie is only too happy to accept. As they explore the Islands together he begins to form a strong bond of friendship with the curmudgeonly old sailor.

But the old man harbours an astonishing secret, one that leads Charlie into a bewildering world of magic and mystery; a dark and disturbing world inhabited by strange people and terrifying creatures. Here he meets the enigmatic Zethina, Giftsuage of Caldor, and joins her on a daring voyage to find the mysterious Marinette, an ancient witch whom he believes can help him return to his own world.

However, Charlie has reckoned without the Krish, a community of fearsome marauders who, along with their enslaved creature, the mighty Juracan, are determined to put an end to Zethina’s mission, and capture the Giftsuage alive in order to exploit her extraordinary powers for their own sinister ends.

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Released 20th December 2015

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supporting uk forces charities

Diddle Dee

This short story by Mike Rothery is dedicated to the South Atlantic Medal Association (SAMA 82) and all royalties from sales will acrue to this Registered Charity.

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My voyages from greece to the caribbean and back again

In July 2015 I went to Greece to move onto my yacht, Island Spirit with the intention of sailing far and wide while continuing to write novels. Here you can catch up with the story so far…

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