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Newsletter sent 1st December 2018


For the last few months, while languishing in the Azores on my boat, I've been updating my portfolio of books and getting them published on Smashwords, where they are distributed to all the world's major retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Kobo, Scribd and many others. (Of course, they still remain available at Amazon.) As well as new covers, major price reductions, and in some cases, new Titles, most of the novels have gone through some serious editing.

I would now like to thank you, loyal reader, for your support over the past few years by offering two Christmas gifts.

I have also just released a new short story called Diddle Dee, about three sailors who explore a remote 'uninhabited' island in the Falklands and are astonished to find it populated by more than just wildlife. A haunting tale laced with military humour, poignant reflections, with a shocking and a macabre twist. All December's royalties for this book will go to Help for Heroes, and from January 2019, this donation will go to the South Atlantic Medals Association (SAMA 82) in perpetuity. If you are interested in supporting this worthy cause you can get the book here in Kindle format or in Paperback:

Finally, you may have noticed that my latest novel, Girl on a Boat, was published under the pen name Amanda Wheelhouse. This is no mere marketing ploy but a recognition that the novel's audience is likely to be female, and so to avoid preconceptions about just another guy trying to be a gal. Once the new reader comes to the end, they'll see the truth revealed in the backmatter. 'Amanda' is currently busy on a sequel to GoaB for release in the Spring.

Thanks for reading, now please help yourself to one or both of the gift offers below. And by the way, during December these gifts will also be offered to new readers signing up to my newsletter. So if you have friends or relatives who are interested, send them along to

A Happy Christmas, and a brilliant New Year to you and yours.


supporting uk forces charities

Diddle Dee

This short story by Mike Rothery is dedicated to the South Atlantic Medal Association (SAMA 82) and all royalties from sales will acrue to this Registered Charity.

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