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Exciting Prequel to The Incomer

If you've read The Incomer you might have wondered why the irascible Captain Josiah Patch had no relatives, not even distant ones, and spoke very little about his previous life. Well now, all is revealed, and the truth will blow your boots off.

As I write this, I am halfway through the fourth draft, and it has been a wonderful journey of discovery. I've given you a short synopsis below, of the first few chapters, but first, I would like to invite you to participate in the story by helping me furnish the world of Mondeguinnee with some of its flora and fauna. To get involved you need to head along to Facebook, ( and post your idea there. If you don't use Facebook, then no problem. You can send it to me at my  contact page  I look forward to some great ideas to include in the novel, and of course, if I use your creation I'll give you a mention in the acknowledgements. 

So here's the synopsis I promised. Enjoy.
Warm Regards, Mike.

Sixteen year-old Joey can hardly believe the chicanery that Fortune has sprung upon him. One moment, wedged into a corner of the gently heaving deck of the clipper Abraham, reading Mister W. Hunter’s Treatise on Anatomy, and looking forward to the excitement of starting his career as apprentice to his father in his new practice in Virginia; the next, watching - from an entirely different deck - the receding burned out shell of his dream and everything he held dear. All he can now look forward to is a life of dreary servitude as galley boy on the pirate ship, Enrico.
The only other survivor from the Abraham is a severe, bible-bashing evangelist called Cheade, who gradually begins to win some of the pirates over to his bizarre take on religion. The months following his capture are fraught with dangers and difficulties for Joey; he is beaten up, almost drowned in a storm, and on one occasion, escapes a rather unwholesome embrace during a visit to the head, forcing him subsequently to make other arrangements for his ablutions. Then there is a bloody munity, in which Captain John Bartholomew is deposed and locked in the brig.
Shortly afterwards, the ship sails through a strange fogbank and emerges into the extraordinary magical world of Mondeguinnee.

The Incomer: A Caribbean Odyssey

I am delighted to tell you that my latest novel is now published and ready to order from Amazon. The Kindle version is currently on pre-order for release on 20th December 2015. Until this date you can order it at half price. This promo offer will finish on the release date. The paperback version is available immediately.

To get your copy go to your Amazon account and search for Mike Rothery The Incomer. UK readers can click this link*Version*=1&*entries*=0

In other news, my next novel, the final book in the Patrick Redman Trilogy, is already underway and should be ready by next Autumn. Finally, in March/April 2016, I will be sailing Island Spirit to the Canaries, where I will be spending the summer. In November I will sail to the Caribbean.

I wish you all a very merry Christmas, a fantastic New Year, and happy reading.

Warm Regards

IT'S HERE folks, my new novel!


A naked young man turns up in Haiti, claiming to have set sail from England with his parents… two centuries ago! For psychologist Dani Corby, it’s a straightforward case of Paranoid Disorder. But her professional judgement is challenged when, under hypnosis, his extraordinary tale comes to light; a vivid account of escape from his pirate captors into a terrifying world of myth and magic. The enigma deepens when a strange old woman hounds Dani with dire prophesies about her patient, and when the young man falls to a mysterious illness, she sets out on a dangerous, career-blowing mission to save his life.

I must warn readers that this story will keep you turning pages far into the night, and its paradoxical conclusion will have you thinking long after you’ve closed the book.

Bicentenary, by Mike Rothery, is available now on Amazon, in paperback and Kindle editions. UK readers can buy it at at the pre-order price of £2.99 until 16th June, with equivalent deals for overseas customers.

Thank you for your continued support, and I look forward to reading your Amazon review of Bicentenary.

Warm regards


My voyage around the world

In July 2015 I went to Greece to move onto my yacht, Island Spirit with the intention of sailing around the world while continuing to write novels. Here you can catch up with the story so far…

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