A Warm Welcome

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Just kick off your shoes and step aboard

So, who is Rosie Winterbourne?      

Rosie is twenty-seven when she steps onto the public stage, a leading seaman in the Royal Navy (yes, they call the women 'seamen' as well - it's a job thing, not a gender identity). While we find her headstrong and rash, she has, certainly as we meet her, a rather charming vulneribity laced with intelligence and humour. In short, my readers seem to have taken a shine to my enigmatic heroine - female and male readers alike. And, if I'm honest, that surprised me. In a good way, of course. There's nothing quite so gratifying for a novelist than to have your main protagonist win such admiration from strangers. 


Anyway, that's enough rambling from me. There's plenty to get your teeth into on my website. So, take a look at my novels, or read my poems. Learn more about me if that interests you, ask me a question, and maybe sign up to my newsletters. Whatever floats it. Like and Share with your friends would be good. 


And when you leave, don't forget to pick up your shoes. 

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