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To Run Before the Sea

(Rosie Winterbourne Book 1)


How do you cope when your darkest, most frightening fantasies become indistinguishable from reality? Worse still, when you're part of the crew of a Royal Naval destroyer.

This disturbing condition is only one of the many challenges facing Leading Seaman Winterbourne as her life spins out of control. But Rosie is not the kind of girl who surrenders to illness and misfortune.


Abandoned by the navy and everyone she cares about, Rosie finds solace in the renovation of her father's old yacht. What starts as a welcome distraction, however, soon becomes a driven obsession, leading to life-changing events and astonishing discoveries about herself and her past. 


A potent mix of adventure and self-renewal, this is the story of a young woman's struggle with mental illness. Above all, it is a story of conquest: the conquest of psychosis, of loneliness, and of fear. And it is a story of survival - alone - in the wild vastness of the Atlantic Ocean.


Published August 2020 - available in Kindle (£1.77) 

& Paperback (£9.52) Editions.

The Travel Agent

(Rosie Winterbourne Book 2)


Her battle with psychosis won, we now join our plucky survivor as she embarks on a new adventure and a new career. After completing her long-interrupted Degree Course, Rosie meets Michael, an enigmatic Irishman with a disturbing secret. While delving ever-deeper into Michael's activities, Rosie finds herself sucked into the orbit of Firegate. Recruited and trained by the secretive agency, she quickly adapts, both physically and mentally, to her role. Her first mission is to investigate rumours of terrorist insurgency into Britain via the overseas territory of Gibraltar. Working undercover - a lone-yachtswoman visiting the Rock on her boat, Pasha – Rosie makes an astonishing discovery that puts her life in grave danger.  


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Published December 2020 - available in Kindle (£4.99)

& Paperback (£9.99) Editions.

The Conficted Bride

(Rosie Winterbourne Book 3)


Rosie’s most dangerous challenge yet unfolds in this explosive sequel. 


Hunted by former colleagues from the Firegate agency, Rosie Winterbourne continues her solo mission to find and rescue her friend. With the help of Moth - the autistic electronics savant at Sparta - she has discovered Michael’s whereabouts: the new caliphate holds him captive in a battle-scarred Libyan town.





Publication expected Summer 2021

The Missing Centuries

of Joseph Horne

(1739 - 1952)


A naked young man turns up in Haiti, claiming to have set sail from England with his parents … two centuries ago! For psychologist Dani Corby, it’s a straightforward case of Paranoid Disorder. But her credulity is challenged when, under hypnosis, an extraordinary tale comes to light. The enigma deepens when a strange old woman hounds Dani with dire prophesies about her patient. When the patient falls to a mysterious illness, she sets out on a dangerous mission to save his life.


This story will keep you turning pages far into the night, and its paradoxical conclusion will have you thinking long after you’ve closed the book.


Published January 2021 - available in Kindle (£2.99)

& Paperback (£12.99) Editions.

Diddle Dee

(A Short Story for Christmas)


It is a beautiful island, bursting with new life ... But what lurks beneath?

Vince Brown takes his teenage daughter to the Falkland Islands to experience first-hand the amazing birds and mammals she'd thrilled over in his thirty-year-old photo album. But can the former Petty Officer exorcise the phantoms of his past that lay buried here? Haunted by his memories, Vince journeys back in time to when he and two shipmates made a tragic discovery during a wildlife outing.  


A Haunting Tale

set amid the Wildlife of the South Atlantic.


Published December 2020 - available in Kindle (£1.99)

& Paperback (£5.99) Editions.

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