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The Missing Centuries

of Joseph Horne

(1739 - 1952)


A great adventure with wide audience appeal. This is a book I could read over and over again without getting bored also one I will be recommending to friends who I know will enjoy it just as much.


A Stunning Read. The storyline was brilliant, I loved how every detail was described.


Thoroughly Engaging! I fell in love with the characters, Joey especially. They were brilliantly thought out and I really would love to read more on them.



Devonshire, England, 1754: When his father is offered a medical post in Jamestown Colony, young Joey looks forward to life as a New World pioneer. But his dreams are shattered when a storm blows their ship into the path of marauding buccaneers. In the subsequent attack, the brig is sunk, and the sixteen-year-old finds himself orphaned. Enslaved on the pirate ship as galley boy to the drunken sea cook, John de Voet, the bereaved young lad is bullied and subjected to humiliating abuse—life for Joey is lonely and unspeakably cruel. He finds an unlikely ally in the wily Spike Gummer, a hardened waif who lives on a platform up in the crosstrees. Spike teaches Joey survival strategies and gradually, as their friendship grows, life becomes more tolerable. But fortune takes an unexpected when, being chased by a Frigate, the pirate ship runs into a curious fog and emerges into the magical underworld of Mondeguinea ... 


Miami, Florida, 1952: A naked Englishman is found unconscious outside the US Embassy in Haiti. On waking, he claims to have set sail from England with his parents … two centuries ago! For psychologist Dani Corby, it is a straightforward case of Paranoid Disorder. But her credulity is challenged when, under hypnosis, the young man's extraordinary tale comes to light. The enigma deepens when a strange old crone hounds Dani with dire prophesies about her patient. When the patient falls to a mysterious illness, Dani sets out on a dangerous mission to save his life.


A thought-provoking tale of pirates, mythology, and magic. This story will keep you turning pages far into the night, and its paradoxical conclusion will have you thinking long after you’ve closed the book.


Published January 2021 - FREE with Kindle Unlimited. Othewise £3.99

Paperback £19.99; Hardback £25.99

Diddle Dee

(A Novella)


It is a beautiful island, bursting with new life ... But what lurks beneath?


Vince Brown takes his teenage daughter to the Falkland Islands to experience first-hand the amazing birds and mammals she'd thrilled over in his thirty-year-old photo album. But can the former Petty Officer exorcise the phantoms of his past that lay buried here? Haunted by his memories, Vince journeys back in time to when he and two shipmates made a tragic discovery during a wildlife outing.  


A haunting tale set amid the wildlife of the South Atlantic.





Published December 2020 - available in Kindle (£1.99)

& Paperback (£6.99) Editions.

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