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The Patrick Redman Thriller Series

The Eye of Saba: The King's Curse


HMS Preston’s visit to Mombasa provides a malcontented sailor with new challenges. But not in a good way.

Something weird is going on. The ship has been plagued by one mishap after another. People have been injured—it can only be a matter of time before there is a fatality. But for one crew member, there may be darker, more sinister implications. Can this run of bad luck be anything to do with the mysterious gold pendant in his locker?

East Africa, 1981: The British destroyer HMS Preston puts into Mombasa following three months on Gulf Patrol, her ship’s company all fired up to explore the local delights. Keen to escape his shipmates for a spell, Petty Officer Patrick Redman accepts a private invitation to the Segeltuach Resort—in matelot-speak, a Grippo. But Patrick gets a terrible shock when a fatal accident ruins a diving expedition on the first morning of his holiday. Even so, nobody could have predicted the dreadful string of misfortunes for Patrick and his ship following that tragic dive—misfortunes that will ultimately change Patrick’s life for the worse. Much, much worse.

THE EYE OF SABA: the King’s Curse is a beguiling thriller blending authentic warship life with the mystery and allure of East Africa.

Published 5 November 2021

Available in Kindle, Paperback & Hardcover Editions

The Only Way Back

The dramatic conclusion to The Eye of Saba.

Coming in early summer 2022

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