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Did you know? Stories are an important trigger for the release of oxytocin, a key 'feel good' hormone. 

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The Conflicted Bride

Rosie's Second

The Travel Agent

A Novella for the Haunting Season

Rosie's First

Great Journey

Michael Rothery

Now, my dear girl, let me tell you a story...

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Writing for me is an endless adventure into the imagination, a passion that whiles away the times between voyages, languishing at anchor or tied up in marinas in the Caribbean and Atlantic Islands. I don’t strive for 'Best Seller' status, just hope my books are read and enjoyed by others. My stories are life-affirming adventures, often with a seagoing theme, a strong psychological slant, and sometimes venturing into the supernatural. I always develop a personal relationship with my characters, whom I believe form the backbone of any good story. A self-published author under my own imprint, Weatherdeck Books.


In earlier lives I served in the Royal Navy and then helped to run a software company.


Mini Bio: Mike Rothery was born in 1949, in Yorkshire, England, and lived his first ten years at various military bases in France, Germany and Northern Ireland. The family returned to Yorkshire when his father retired from the RAF in 1960. Mike joined the Royal Navy in 1965 and served in various ships until 1990, when he embarked on a new career in software development. Retiring in 2010 he returned to the sea where he began his writing career. He now cruises the oceans in his yacht, Island Spirit.

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